Discover it Chrome Credit Card Review

Gas and dining can often be our most cost-intensive purchases; whether we’re going out to eat, or getting to work, we spend a lot of our hard-earned dollars at the restaurant and at the pump. To that end, it’s useful to have a cash back rewards card that gives you a little extra back for those types of purchases – that’s where the Discover it Chrome card comes in.

With the Discover it Chrome Card, you get 2% cash back on purchases made at gas stations and restaurants; otherwise, you get unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases. It’s not the most robust rewards system out there, but it’s simple, straightforward, and rewards you a little extra for regular purchases we all make anyway. (These cash rewards don’t expire, either.)

In addition to that, the Discover it Chrome card offers no annual fee, and a generous 0% introductory APR for 14 months. That’s a pretty nice welcome mat that Discovery lays out for new cardholders, making it a good option for people who want to transfer old balances onto this new card to stall their rising interest.

The Discover it Chrome Card is also stuffed with a bunch of other incentives, including matching your first year’s cash back rewards at the end of the year – a great boon for those who like to save up their rewards for a huge redemption.

Our Overall Rating

Through and through, the Discover it Chrome card is a solid and dependable cash back rewards card. Its cash back rewards system isn’t the most sophisticated thing in the world, but it makes special accommodations for cardholders who want to reward themselves specifically for gas and dining purchases.

With no annual fee and a generous introductory APR period, the Discover it Chrome Card also allows cardholders to spend their first year getting used to the card, racking up rewards points and doubling up on them with Discover’s price-matching perk after their first twelve months of the card.

That being said, if you’re looking to get the most rewards out of specific spending categories, there are cards that give you anywhere from 3% to 6% on certain types of purchases. For those who want to max out their rewards, this is a good option, but it’s possible to find even bigger sweetheart deals out there.

Where it Wins

A simple, effective cash back rewards program. While there are rewards cards that offer a plethora of tiers based on category, the Discover it Chrome keeps it simple – just a flat 1% cash back rate, with double points for gas and restaurants. If those are heavy spending categories for you, you’ll appreciate the 2% cash back you get.

A great price-matching bonus for first-year cardholders. Whatever cash back points you accumulate over the first year of ownership will get matched at the end of the year. If you gather 20,000 points, you’ll be up to 40,000 instantly. Not a bad incentive for people to spend and spend well on this card.

No interest for more than a year. The Discover it Chrome Card also sweetens the deal for new cardholders by keeping them from paying interest for the first 14 months of the card. To that end, cardholders can feel free to spend as much as they want to build up the aforementioned cash back bonus, then pay it off in the following two months.

Rewards & Benefits

2% cash back on restaurants and gas. If you find yourself spending a lot of time at the pump, or eating out, this is a really good category to focus on for cash back. There are cards out there that might give you a bit more back, but 2% is a really good cash back percentage to start from.

Unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases. You might want to use the Discover it Chrome card for things other than your next tank of gas, or your next dinner date. Luckily, the card also provides 1% cash back for everything else – sure, there are other cards that will offer higher baselines, but they usually don’t have bonus categories like the Chrome.

Fraud and liability protection. It’s always good to have a little extra protection for your card in case it falls victim to identity theft, or just plain theft. Discover monitors for fraudulent charges and doesn’t hold you liable for any charges that are made without your permission.

Matches cash back earned at the end of your first year. After your first year with the card, the cash back rewards you built up on gas, dining or any other purchases automatically doubles. This lets you boost your rewards potential substantially – think of it like having up to 4% cash back on gas and dining, and 2% everywhere else.

Cash rewards never expire. Another upside to the Discover it Chrome’s cash rewards is that you don’t have to be in any hurry to spend them – they’ll sit there until you’re ready to use them. (This is especially advantageous when considering the aforementioned first-year matching feature on the card.)

Costs & Fees

No annual fee. You can’t go lower than free, and the Discover it Chrome doesn’t burden you with any maintenance fees.

0% introductory APR for 14 months. The Discover it Chrome makes it virtually free to maintain this card for more than a year, between this feature and the lack of an annual fee.

14.49% to 23.49% variable APR. Once your introductory period expires, however, the APR range jumps up to anywhere from 14.49% to 23.49%. There are plenty of rewards cards that go higher on the APR front, but it’s best to build up some excellent credit and try for the lower rate.

Who is this card best for?

This card is best for cardholders who spent a lot of money on gas and dining expenses, and want a little more for their money. With the 2% cash back tier, the Discover it Chrome Card gives double points for these categories, allowing frequent drivers and restaurant-goers a chance to get something back.

Also, this card is perfect for cardholder who want to ease into a relationship with their card slowly during their first year. The 14-month no-interest period, combined with the cash back price matching of your first year’s rewards, allows cardholders to feel comfortable trying out the card without tacking on a lot of extra investment.

How to Apply

If you want to apply for a Discover it Chrome Card, just head to this application portal and start the process. It starts easily enough; just enter your full name (first, middle initial and last), and pick a card design. The Chrome offers plenty of potential looks, from a simple chrome to turquoise, magenta or a printed background.

After that, you’re taken to a second page where you enter your financial information, like your employment status, your annual income, mortgage or rent payment, and so on. Also, be sure to enter your full address and social security number. If you want to transfer balances from another card to this one, they have an option for that there as well.

From there, the rest is simple; all you have to do is sign off on some e-disclosure agreements, click Apply, and wait to hear back. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes at the latest to hear back regarding your approval for the card.

Discover it Chrome Card Alternatives

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American ExpressAnother solid cash back reward card, the Blue Cash card also offers no annual fee, plus a whopping 6% cash back tier for grocery store purchases. If your spending is more food than gas related, it might be worth it to get this one instead.

Chase Freedom Unlimited. If you’re looking for something a little more straightforward in terms of cash back rewards, the Chase Freedom Unlimited does away with tiers entirely in favor of an unlimited 1.5% cash back reward on all purchases. Plus, you can combine your rewards with any other Chase cards using the Chase Ultimate Rewards program.

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card. If you’d like your rewards to stretch a little further with a wider range of qualifying activities, the ThankYou Preferred Card gives you double points on their Dining & Entertainment category. This means that you get rewards for more than just restaurants – you can get them for concerts, movie rentals, and more.