Best Citi Cards

Citi credit cards come in a variety of forms, from secured cards designed to help you build or establish credit to cash back rewards cards that result in lucrative savings. The best Citi credit card for you depends on your financial habits and goals, but with a little research you can find one that complements your lifestyle. 

Our team has compiled the list below of the best Citi credit cards.

Best Citi credit card for cash backCiti Double Cash Card

Why it’s the best

For hassle-free rewards, there are few options that can outmatch the ease of using the Citi Double Cash Card. The premise is simple: earn 2% cash back on every purchase, 1% when you make a purchase and 1% when you pay your bill. There aren’t any limits on the cash back cardmembers can earn and no categories to monitor or activate to receive the cash back benefits.

Citi Double Cash cardholders aren’t beholden to any annual fees, so you don’t have to worry about neutralizing this common credit card expense. This flat-rewards card is ideal for users who don’t want to strategize to save. 

Bonus points:

  • Redemption options: Users can redeem cash back for statement credit, checks or bank account deposits.
  • 0% interest for balance transfers: Cardmembers can enjoy 0% interest on balance transfers for 18 months.

Best Citi credit card for credit buildingCiti Secured Mastercard

Why it’s the best

If you’re an applicant with limited credit, it can be difficult to find a card issuer that will approve you. Maybe you don’t have any credit history, or perhaps you have a few demerits on your credit report. Whatever the case, the Citi Secured Mastercard can be the stepping stone to a better financial future when used responsibly.

In order to qualify for this card, credit users must put down a security deposit that serves as the card’s credit limit. The deposit can be between $200 and $2,500, but keep in mind, this money serves as collateral if you stop making payments. 

Bonus points:

  • Monthly reporting: This credit card features monthly reporting to all three major credit bureaus, so evidence of good financial behavior will make its way to all three agencies.
  • Free access to credit score: Card users receive free access to their FICO score, which can be used to track and monitor credit health.

Best Citi credit card for balance transfersCiti Simplicity Card 

Why it’s the best

The Citi Simplicity Card is designed for credit users who want to move a balance from a high-interest credit card to a lower interest credit card. But the Citi Simplicity isn’t just low interest; it boasts 0% interest for 21 months on balance transfers and 0% for 12 months on purchases. To top it all off, there’s no annual fee to worry about adding to your debt load.

There is a 5% or a minimum of $5 balance transfer fee, but for many, it’s still worth the cost considering the longer timeline for paying off your debt. You’ll have to crunch the numbers and find out for yourself if it makes sense for your particular situation.

Bonus points:

  • $0 liability: Cardmembers are protected from unauthorized charges.
  • Digital Wallets: Speed through online and in-person checkouts with easy-to-use Digital Wallets.

Best Citi credit card for studentsCiti Rewards+ Student Card  

Why it’s the best

Students aren’t known for their deep pockets, which is why the Citi Rewards+ Student Card may come in handy. You can earn 2X points at supermarkets and gas stations in addition to 1X point for all other purchases. The earning rate also gets a serious boost from this card’s awesome earning benefit: every purchase is rounded up to the nearest 10 points. 

Bonus points:

  • Redemption options: Redeem for gift cards, shop with points at or or get 10% points back for the first 100,000 points you redeem per year.
  • 0% APR: For seven months, you won’t have to pay any interest on purchases. There’s a variable 15.99%-25.99% after that.

Best Citi credit card for wholesale buyersCostco Anywhere Visa Citi Card 

Why it’s the best

The Costco Anywhere Visa Citi Card offers cardholders the chance to save a significant amount of money. If gas, travel, dining out and groceries comprise a large portion of your budget and you’re already a Costco member, this credit card might be a good choice for you.

Cardmembers receive 4% cash back on gas purchases up to $7,000 a year and then 1% after that. In addition, card users get 3% cash back on eligible travel and restaurant expenses, 2% cash back on Costco purchases and 1% cash back on everything else. There is no annual fee, but you do need a pre-existing Costco membership to qualify for this card. 

Bonus points:

  • No foreign transaction fees: The Costco Anywhere Visa Card makes an ideal travel companion since it won’t add on surprise expenses to your vacation cost.
  • Redemption options: Cash back is rewarded as an annual certificate redeemable for merchandise or cash at Costcos within the U.S.

Best Citi credit card for business travelersCitiBusiness / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard 

Why it’s the best

The CitiBusiness / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Mastercard is a mouthful but boasts serious perks for business travelers who want to optimize their rewards. Card users receive a welcome offer of 65,000 AAdvantage bonus miles for hitting a spending target, which helps speed up the timeline to the next travel reward. In addition, members receive preferred boarding on all American Airlines flights, a free checked bag for the user and up to four traveling companions and a 25% statement credit for in-flight purchases.

One of the standout perks of this card is that it can put you on the fast track to earning coveted benefits like an American Airlines Companion Certificate.

Bonus points:

  • No foreign transaction fees: If you travel internationally for business, this is an incredibly important feature, otherwise, you risk tacking on extra fees for the privilege of using your card abroad.
  • Extended warranty: U.S. manufacturer warranties of five years or less will be extended for an additional 24 months if you use your CitiBusiness card to make the purchase.

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