Best Credit Cards for Groceries

The grocery store is often one of our most frequent, and expensive, trips – which makes it imperative that you squeeze every bit of value on the money you spend there. The best way to do that is through rewards cards, especially ones that give you a little extra for those specific trips to the supermarket.

There are a bevy of options out there for people who want a dedicated card to use on groceries – most major credit card companies offer one rewards card or another that includes grocery and supermarket spending on their higher rewards tiers, meaning you earn just a little bit more in cash back or points the next time you go pick up milk.

With that mind, we rounded up some of the best credit cards for groceries we could find, and break them down here to help you figure out which one might be right for you.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

Why It’s Good

When it comes to rewards earnings, the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express might just be the best credit card for groceries on the market. Working from the same tiered system as a lot of other cards on this list, the Blue Cash Preferred Card puts supermarket spending at the top – you get 6% of rewards (up to $6,000 every year).

That’s an incredible cash back rate for a specific category, and we’re hard pressed to find anything better. What’s more, you get 3% unlimited cash back at gas stations and department stores, and 1% cash back on all other purchases. Also, when you sign up, you get $200 in cash back rewards if you spend $1,000 in the first three months.

There’s a small downside, though – a $95 annual fee shouldn’t break the bank, but it’s definitely more than most cards of this type, which forego an annual fee altogether. If you really think you can make the most of that huge grocery purchase rewards tier, it might be worth swallowing that fee and making use of the card.

Huntington Voice Credit Card

Why It’s Good

Reward cards are usually associated with credit scores on the higher end of the spectrum. The Huntington Voice Credit Card bucks this trend. You are likely to be accepted into this program with a fair credit score.

And, when it comes to the rewards, Huntington take an interesting approach with this card. Each quarter, you can nominate a different category to receive 3x reward points. You’ll receive 1x points in all other categories.

You can see how this may be perfect for people who are looking to be tactical with their rewards. If you’re interested in planning your spending you can get smart with this card.

For example, in Q1 you can use your 3x points on grocery stores. Then, going into Spring, you may want to use your Q2 bonus on home improvement stores. In Q3, you can use your 3x points on travel and entertainment as summer vacations come around. Finally going into Christmas, you can use your Q4 points on electronics, computer & camera stores to get the kids their presents.

Along the way, you may have an issue with your car. Then you might choose to switch up one quarter to auto parts & service stores. You can quickly see how you can make the most of planned or unplanned big purchases, so that they don’t have as big a dent on your finances as they may have had otherwise. On the other hand, I can see why some people might find this a bit of a hassle. It all depends how hard you’re willing to work for your rewards.

As always, there are drawbacks. There’s no introductory APR on balance transfers or purchases. 3x rewards are also limited to $2,000 per quarter.

All in all, this may be an interesting option for a family with a below perfect credit rating looking to work hard to get the best possible rewards. 

Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express

Why It’s Good

Just because this card is the underachieving sibling of the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card doesn’t mean you can discount it out of hand. Ok, if you can get the Preferred Card, it makes sense to choose it over the everyday card. But, that isn’t always possible.

That’s because the Blue Cash Everyday card is available to those with fair to good credit scores. If you don’t have the credit score for the American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card, the Blue Cash Everyday card could be the alternative you’re looking for.

3% cash back on the first $6,000 spent on groceries is nothing to be sniffed at. Then 2% cash back at gas stations and selected department stores along with 1% cash back on all other purchases makes this a more rounded rewards card.

Throw in no annual fee and an introductory APR of 0% for the first 15 months on balance transfers and purchases and this begins to look like a really solid option for families without that perfect credit score.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card from Chase

Why It’s Good

Ok, hear me out. This one’s coming at you from left field, but it’s definitely an interesting proposition. Firstly, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to be eligible in the first place. That should tell you something. This card is heavily targeted towards the Amazon hardcore.

If that’s not you, skip to the next card now. But, if it is, it might just be worth looking into.

 To begin with, you get a $70 Amazon gift card on approval.  Then, you get 5% rewards points to spend on when you purchase from Amazon or Whole Foods. The Amazon Prime Rewards card also gives you 2% rewards at gas stations and 1% rewards on all other purchases. 

Some people may prefer straight up cash back. But, if you’re already a Prime member, Amazon credit may be just as good. Outside of the strong rewards for Amazon, the card doesn’t offer too many benefits. There is no low, introductory APR on purchases or balance transfer. 

This card has clearly been created for a very specific group of people. If you fall within this group, it may be worth a closer look.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Card

Why It’s Good

Like most entries on this list of the best credit cards for groceries, the Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card includes groceries as just one of several rewards tiers you can choose from. In this case, you get 2% cash back on all grocery store purchases, 3% on gas station purchases, and 1% everywhere else.

If you’re already a Bank of America customer, some extra incentives come in the form of greater rewards points dividends in their Preferred Rewards Program. Depending on your account, you could get 75% greater points dividends, which means you can stretch your rewards even further than people who just have the card with BoA.

Unlike the Blue Cash Preferred Card, there’s no annual fee, and they offer a 12-month introductory APR of 0%, which is advantageous, and definitely puts the operating costs well below that of the Blue Card. In the final estimation, this is a perfect credit card for groceries if you’re a more modest spender who doesn’t plan on pouring as much of your money into maximizing your rewards.