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Discover it® Cash Back Credit Card Review

The Discover it card is all about cold hard cash. You won’t be earning airline points or hotel-stay rewards – instead, you’ll earn cash back in several ways. Up to a quarterly maximum, you can earn 5% cash rewards when you activate rotating categories such as groceries, gas, restaurants and purchases on You’ll also earn an unlimited 1% on all purchases. Discover will match whatever you earned in cash back at the end of your first year year, making your strategic spending pay off doubly.

Citi® Double Cash Card Review

For people who don’t want the limitations of specific spending categories in order to earn cash back rewards, the Citi Double Cash credit card offers more flexibility than many other options. The 18-month 0% APR on balance transfers also makes this card a winner if you want one of the longer available terms to pay down credit card debt with no interest

Chase Ink Business Preferred℠ Credit Card Review

If you own a business and you’re not using a rewards card, you’re leaving money on the table. The Chase Ink Business Preferred card is a perfect example. Their signup bonus alone is worth $1,000 (provided you hit their spending minimum and put your points towards travel). And if the bulk of your expenses fall within the triple-points reward categories associated with this credit card, this Chase Ink option can help your business rack up rewards fast. Let’s review the basics of the Chase Ink Business Preferred.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card Review

For travelers who want the freedom to redeem their rewards however they see fit, and the ability to do it all without paying an annual fee, the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is a solid option. With no blackout dates and no foreign transaction fee, this card is ready for your next adventure.

Capital One® Journey® Student Rewards Credit Card Review

This Capital One credit card is designed for those who are eager and ready to learn. Geared towards students who are beginning their credit journey, you’ll enjoy having all the perks this card has to offer.

Discover it® Miles Credit Card Review

Although frequent travelers might be better served with a credit card that offers premium perks and long-term opportunities to earn bonus rewards, the Discover it® Miles card is a great choice for beginner travel hackers or casual vacationers who want the option of booking travel anywhere.

Wells Fargo Propel American Express® Credit Card Review

Despite a lack of premium perks, the Wells Fargo Propel Credit Card® is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a travel rewards card with no annual fee — especially if you like the idea of earning bonus points across several spending categories, including dining out and ordering in, gas, rideshares, homestays and popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Discover It® Balance Transfer Credit Card Review

The Discover it® Balance Transfer Credit Card caters to individuals who want a competitive balance transfer offer while still accruing cash back rewards points. Enjoy a 0% APR for 18 months on both balance transfers and 0% for 6 months on new purchases. You’ll also get an additional bonus matching all of the cash back rewards you accrued during your first year as a cardmember.

Chase Freedom® Unlimited Credit Card Review

Those looking to take advantage of Chase’s credit card perks but don’t want to pay an annual fee are in luck. Chase Freedom® Unlimited gives you quick, easy methods to earn a massive amount of cash back for a flat-rate credit card, especially in the first year. This card also has the added bonus of having zero interest for the first 15 months, which extends to balance transfers, too.